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                      The private fleet solution

                      J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services (DCS) provides outsourcing solutions for companies operating a private fleet or already outsourcing with another provider. DCS uses asset-based capacity to assume all fleet responsibilities, optimizing efficiency, mitigating risks, and controlling costs. Fleet solutions vary by customer; DCS has experts on staff to help customers choose the right option for their operations.

                      DCS hires, trains, and motivates drivers, and retains most legacy drivers after a fleet conversion. Account managers are also on-site to oversee drivers, and customer support is available 24/7.

                      Man with a tall stack of boxes on a hand truck moving down a ramp from a truck

                      Delivering Value

                      DCS’s industry-leading safety program helps mitigate risks, ensures safe delivery of goods, and protects drivers on the road. Customers that utilize DCS, benefit from enhanced visibility, improved efficiency, and quality customer service. DCS allows customers to retain all the benefits of a private fleet without the headache, so they can focus on their core competency.

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